Have you heard of Aleksander Tsypkin? Often referred to as the major literature discovery of 2015 he prefers to call himself a “PR specialist who suddenly become a bestselling author”. In October he brings his much talked about Unprincipled Stories to London.

The founder and director of Moscow Multimedia Art Museum Olga Sviblova describes his work:

‘His stories are gulped in one go and just stay there. Today, when long and big-scale works have but lost all chances of being read, short-story masters who perfect the most complicated form of literature have got a unique opportunity to influence the readers and change their inner world…Brilliantly written, sad and funny, with their words these stories bring us back the meanings, and with the meanings, we regain emotions and caring about people’.

In London Tsypkin will present one of his most sensational programmes — “God save the Queеns”.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Viktoria Isakova and Anna Mikhlakova – three queens of Russian theatre and cinema will read his touching and humorous stories. A number of pieces will traditionally be read by the author himself.