Yulia Savikovskaya

Yulia Savikovskaya

Yulia Savikovskaya was born in St Petersburg, Russia. She completed a BA in International Journalism and MA in Studies of European Societies at St Petersburg State University. She then went on to study at Oxford University and finished an MPhil in Migration Studies and DPhil in Social and Cultural Anthropology at at School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (Oxford University). She also took this time to do a part-time second BA in Theatre and Music History.

Yulia currently develops in several directions: as an anthropologist of art, having launched her own project studying human creativity and relations involved in music, as a journalist, writing about classical music, theatre, art, exhibitions and other events of cultural interest in Russia and Europe, a translator, having translated a monography «Englishman from Lebedyan’ and three plays, and a writer, working on her first novel.

Yulia will make weekly articles about places of interest in St Petersburg. Her plans are to make 8 exciting tours of her own city, involving classical music in St Petersburg, Petersburg of poets and writers, locations of Lenin statues, Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk, Peterhof and Oranienbaum, the city of Kronstadt and St Petersburg State University.

Yulia will be with you on FRIDAYS from 14 August.

Day 1:  Unbearable Lightness of Pushkin

Day 2-3: History Through the Eyes of a Kupchinite

Day 3-4: Is Anything Happening and Will We Die? Locating Oneself Amongst Nothingness

Day 5-6: Death as a Deference to Difference

Yulia Savikovskaya