FRYM is a contemporary artist, specialising in a unique calligraphy writing. As a kid FRYM grew up in Russia. What she saw there put her on the path of becoming a symbology-driven artist. FRYM’s art is both images and text, the ways of merging a letter character and painting is seamless. Her visual style is expanding into fashion and collaborating with famous brands such as Cointreau and Liberty London Department Store. FRYM has been particularly involved in art projects held in Russia and the UK taking part in exhibitions in the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy and Menier Gallery

During her residency, FRYM would like to explore the topic of Agit-textile (propaganda textile). The time between 1920s and 1930s is one of the most inspiring to FRYM. The great changes in the political, economical, and industrial world led to the bust of experimental art. 100 years later we are experiencing similar events. The industrial revolution, the fight for human rights, and COVID-19. “Wash your hands”, “Keep social distancing”, “Stay alert!” – those are the new slogans of the Generation-COVID. Over the time of 8 weeks, FRYM would like to share her essays on seeing art and experiencing the new reality. She would reveal her craft technique and the way she works on pattern design.

Stay Alert!

Day 1: The Frym invites you to her studio to see visual representation of her thought process through sketches hand-drawn with ink

Day 2: From the Darkness to the Enlightenment

Day 3-4: How to Design a Seamless Pattern for Woodblock Printing

Day 5: The Art of Mistake

Day 6: Save Control – Stay Alert