This full day screening programme celebrates the pioneering CentrNauchFilm (Centre of Scientific and Educational Film) by Vladimir Kobrin (1942–1999, Moscow) and features an extended introduction to Denis Shabaev‘s docufiction feature Mira (2018) by writer Owen Hatherly.

Still from Mira (2018)

Khanzhonkov & Co. Scientific Department was established in the early 1900’s to produce educational and documentary films. Renamed CentrNauchFilm in 1967, the studio pioneered widescreen, stereophonic films and new cinematic technologies. Working within the studio, visionary film-maker Vladimir Kobrin produced educational films that comment on history, science and Russian society in the 1980s and 90s. Despite being commissioned by scientific societies his films transcend the documentary, offering seamlessly crafted essays that testify to Kobrin’s science-infused macabre.