Written by the ingenious Nikolay Kolyada and performed by Art Planet, a professional Russian theatre, The Steamboat as a Gift from America is a two-act play in Russian that will be on at The Tabernacle on 28 and 29 February.

The Steamboat as a Gift from America. Courtesy of Art Planet Theatre

Stanislavsky Prize laureate, Kolyada is named as one of the “fathers” of Russia’s contemporary theatre movement. His plays are a must-see for any person interested in theatre and Russian culture.

Irina, a middle-aged single woman meets young Roman. Unpredictable plot, sparkling humour and heartbreaking reality, the characters go through a roller-coaster of emotions. What is the difference between lies and living in the imaginary world? Those pertinent questions have to be answered by our characters and the audience.

Director: Konstantin KAMENSKIY

Actors: Natasha RADSKI, Arthur USTINOV, Liliya WARD, Konstantin RUNKOVSKI

Two-Act Play in Russian with English subtitles. Duration: 1.5 hours with no interval. Recommended age 13+.