The new exhibition in series of Russian contemporary artist’s exhibitions held by Shtager Gallery and Elephant & Castle Experimental Space.

Asya Marakulina. Yellow Room.Fragment. Fabric, embroidery, 2018

Asya Marakulina was born in 1988 in the city of Perm, a large city in the east of European Russia. “My window looked out on one of the central squares of the city, and all the time I was watching and drawing what I saw from the window –roads, cars, people.” In 2009 she entered the Faculty of Artsof St. Petersburg State University and left with a degree in Animation Film Design. In the autumn of 2018, she became the winner of the Credit Suisse Cosmoscow award for young Russian artists.

She comments on the exhibition:

The room seems to me to be a universal “container”, a three-dimensional blank sheet, which can accommodate any state, as if to catch it for a while. We are constantly confronted with various spaces that need to be aligned with our desires and intentions. The artist, no matter how he tries to push this framework apart in his practices, still faces the space of a gallery or residential space. The state of the room is unnatural, we are part of the world – but in order to feel protected, we cut off equal pieces from it, with straight walls again and again. The world is too big and chaotic, and in order to hear our voice, to become manifested in it, we need privacy, our corner, the way even temporary. We equally need to be something separate from the world and at the same time be part of it. The issue of this balance concerns me for a long time, and I try to comprehend it while working with the image of the room. The half-empty rooms of my embroideries are at the same time like sketches of installations, temporary conditions that I create to be heard by the big world. And at the same time, this is a conversation with myselth – since all the elements are equal, the corner of the wall and the flying elements are sewn with the same thin line. Their materiality is not clear and becomes a barely perceptible state, as if caught in sensation or feeling, and the room here is rather way of introspection.

  • Date: 25 April 2019 - 20 May 2019
  • Shateger Gallery Studio 24, 87 Crampton Street London, SE17 3AZ
  • Time: Preview: 25 April: 6.30 - 9.00pm; then by appointment
  • Tickets: Free
  • Website: