The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is a museum complex that is currently in possession of one of the largest world art collections from Ancient Egypt and Greece to our days. Today the holdings of the museum contain around 700 000 art works of different epochs. The jewel of the collection is French art of the XIX – XX centuries  – one of the most famous collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings in the world. The Museum is currently closed for visitors from March 17 to April 10 (this period may be extended), but it offers a range of online resources for you.

c The State Museum of Fine Arts

Six satellite websites offer access to several digital collections of paintings, archeology, numismatics that are stored in the museum, but are displayed only at temporary exhibitions. The websites list catalogues with detailed description and facts as high quality images of museum objects.

The Pushkin Museum regularly uploads videos about its art collections, permanent and temporary exhibitions on social media. You will find virtual tours around the museum, interviews with contemporary artists, where they talk about the Pushkin Museum classic collections, interviews with exhibition curators, stories about restoration of artworks, and many others. You may view the videos at  The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts YouTube channel and Facebook.

As the museum carries out restoration of artworks, development of the museum quarter as well as digital experiment, several 3D models and videos using 3D reconstruction and virtual tour around the museum quarter have been made. Some 3D models can be made on Sketchfab website. “Miniature World” film makes use of cylindric prints from Asia in 3D, a video about a 3D reconstruction of a ceramic vessel dating back to VIII BC, 

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts also provides free audio guides in izi.TRAVEL application and free multimedia guides with the elements of augmented reality in ARTEFACT application. The exhibits from the Main Building and the Gallery of 19th and 20th Century European and American Art are available in Smartify app in English.

Once you’ve explored the collections online and watched the video, why not take take a few quizzes or play some online games.

You may also find the museum’s photostream on Instagram and follow recent developments in the museum quarter on Flickr.

Finally, if you want to explore further, there are many satellite websites offering access to themed museum collections, all buildings and departments of the museum, and special projects.