Welcome to Day 1 of our Virtual Artistic Residence with FRYM.

The 1920s and 1930s were the times when the new way of living, the new culture, and therefore the new art media were introduced. One of the most iconic items of Russian Avant-garde was agit-textile (propaganda textile). These textiles were ordered and produced in reaction and relation to the new political regime.

Back then the society was not ready to express views with clothes. A dress, in particular, is, by its very nature, one of the most visible of the arts. Yet, it is simultaneously one of the most intimate, for while it publicly distinguishes the wearer, a dress is also a very private matter as it touches our skin.

100 years later life has taken a new turn bringing the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Pandemic. Since the beginning of the worldwide quarantine, so much information was missed, misunderstood, misinterpreted, and missed out. New propaganda speaks from each corner: Stay Alert!

This new life made me curious about the once forgotten yet very strong media. The project I’d like to introduce is a sarcastic homage to the Avant-garde textile. I called it ‘COVIVID: the vivid look from the inside.’

In the following 8 weeks of my residence, I will share the process of its creation. I’ll start from here. A few sketches of hands – which I hope you washed – and constantly repeated slogan.

Hand-drawn with ink this is a visual representation of my thought process.

The FRYM. Sketches. RAC Virtual Artistic Residence 2020. Day 1. @TheFrym

Covering with sketches the meters of my studio floor I’m speaking my mind out. I reserve the right to interpret reality in my way.

#frym #covivid

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