The Enchantress. Mariinsky Theatre. Photo by Natasha Razina (c)

Two love triangles, jealousy, unfaithfulness, revenge, escape, sorcerer, poison, two murders, one madness and a training thunder at the close. The Enchantress has it all. It can boast a full spectrum of tricks of the Romatic opera on the 19th century. The Enchantress was written by a great composer, who was at the peak of his creative genius at the time, and a popular playwright, who made his debut as a librettist. These circumstances have defined the opera’s contours. people and their relationships are described vividly, however, the situations they find themselves in are often described as too melodramatic to the contemporary spectators.That is why The Enchantress is a rare guest on stage. The current performance of the opera at the Mariinsky theatre is the first one following a decade-long break.