Welcome to Day 5 of our Virtual Artistic Residence with FRYM.

“We all make mistakes but the real art is to accept it, learn from it, and sometimes fall in love with it.

Before I wrote this article, I was working on the new carefully crafted shawl design, which I based on the pattern created last week. Hours of turning the elements, shifting them backwards and forwards made me think that I don’t know what would look good.

FRYM. Covivid. 2020

And just that very moment, precisely at 2 a.m. as it always happens, my computer overheated and crashed. Right before it’s epic heatstroke faint the screen left me glitchy last will which I was lucky enough to catch.

FRYM. Covivid. 2020

The perfectly cantered unperfect pattern instantly reminded me of different woven techniques.

Would you fold it twice or 4 times, you’ll finish with the new look.

FRYM. Covivid. 2020

And since the Covivid textile series are all about the collapse of the world in 2020, the crash of my screen made it even more obvious. Let’s accept the beauty of unpredicted life.