Celebrated Greek-Russian Perm-based conductor Teodor Curentzis and his ensemble MusicAeterna will be opening Salzburg Festival on Sunday, 23rd July, with Mozart’s Requiem — the final and unfinished masterpiece of the Austrian composer.

Few musical works are as steeped in legend as Mozart’s Requiem in D minor, K. 626. Commissioned anonymously by the eccentric count Franz von Walsegg, the funereal oeuvre would become Mozart’s last: when he died on December 5, 1791, only the “Requiem aeternam” and “Kyrie” movements were fully composed and orchestrated. Completed by other composers (Mozart’s student Franz Xaver Süssmayer in particular) using Mozart’s sketches and notes, the resulting work weaves the emotions we associate with death into a timeless musical exploration of every human being’s destiny, and constitutes a powerful final testament to its creator’s genius. As all tickets are already sold out, we suggest that you do not miss the performance by following it online via  http://www.medici.tv/en/concerts/mozart-requiem-salzburg-festival/


  • Anna Prohaska | Soprano
  • Katharina Magiera | Contralto
  • Mauro Peter | Tenor
  • Tareq Nazmi | Bass
  • musicAeterna Choir
  • Vitaly Polonsky | Chorus director
  • MusicAeterna | Orchestra
  • Teodor Currentzis | Conductor

Mozart‘s Requiem will also be performed by  MusicAeterna on 29 July at Stadttheater Ingolstadt (not part of Salzburg Festival, but a city in Germany).


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