Tatiana Voltskaya is a prominent poet, essay writer and freelance journalist. Tatiana is the author of ten volumes of poetry.  “Arrow” («Стрела») 1994 ,  “Shadow” («Тень») 1998, «Cicada” («Цикада»)  2002, «Cicada» (London, Bloodaxe, 2006, «Trostdroppar», (Stockholm, 2009),  “Tatiana’s Letter” («Письмо Татьяны») 2011, “From the Varangians to the Greeks” («Из варяг в греки») 2012, “The Corner of Nevsky and Kreshchatik” («Угол Невского и Крещатика») (Kiev 2015), “Selected Poems”  (“Избранное”), 2015, “In the Light Fire” («В легком огне») 2017.

She wrote for various Russian magazines  and newspapers and was co-editor of the literary journal “Postscriptum”. She is now a correspondent for “Radio Liberty” in St Petersburg.