Episode 5 of Talking music with Olga Jegunova podcast is about Stage fright or Performance anxiety. It is a common state of mind before or during performance and public speaking. Symptoms of it can vary from cold hands, stuttering to nerve ticks and dizziness. If not taken under control, state fright can destroy a performance. Many artists suffer from it. Frederic Chopin, for example, played only 10 concerts because of the stage fright. There is also cellist Pablo Casals, soprano Rene Fleming and pianist Glenn Gould, who have even decided to fully concentrate on recording sessions, and so many more.  Pablo Casals said, ”The thought of a public concert always gives me a nightmare”. 

The curious subject will be uncovered in conversation with Berenice Beverley Zammit, a Performance Consultant and professional violinist. She is a PhD candidate investigating performance optimisation through pre-performance routines in professional classical musicians, and a Graduate Teaching Assistant lecturing in Music Performance Psychology, Performing Arts in Health and Wellbeing, and Healthy Musician at the Royal College of Music, London.

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