This episode of the podcast “Talking music witn Olga Jegunova” is about the war. External and internal. In the conversation with classical cellist and life coach Tatiana Bejenari we try to find the way to carry on while the East and the West are in the state of a major conflict.

How can we eat, sleep, shop, be creative, make love and smile without feeling guilty and responsible?

We must start with looking after ourselves, our children, partners and parents. We must work and  socialise. Because now and here we need to control what we can still control and look after things that are still in our reach. But will this keep us going? Will this keep us alive?

The talk will consist of 7 chapters. Like 7 notes in. From A to G:

A – art and aggression

B – beauty & bombs

C – culture & crisis

D – diplomacy & drama

E – emotions & enemy

F – freedom & fear

G – glory & guilt

The music will be there at the end of each chapter to conclude, summarise and reflect.

We will be releasing a series of podcasts through the next few week – watch this space!