Welcome to a new episode of our podcasts this time introducing a new series “Talking Music” with Olga Jegunova. The title for today’s episode is “7 Notes”, which is a foundation of a western music, a sounding alphabet. Olga will talk about the physics of the sound production, musical math and history. Without even noticing, you will learn so much through the prism of just 7 notes.

Olga Jegunova says about her new series, “As a performing artist and a pianist, I have always been interested in communicating not only with music but also with words. Podcast is a perfect way to combine the two. In my “Talking music” series I will talk about music while the music will talk for itself”. 

Follow the link to listen to the podcast and tune in to listen to the second episode where Olga will talk to a prominent conductor, thinker and a very serious artist Vladimir Jurowski.

Talking music with Olga Jegunova

  • Editor: Matylda Dymek
  • Visual designer: Christian Moehring
  • Photo: Roman Drits
  • Special thanks to Bernard Oppetit