ShadowMemory is a new digital art project launched by the GRAD Gallery, which is to be premiered at the Forth Industrial Ural Biennial, which marks the launch of GRAD’s new commissions programme showcasing artists’ visions both in the UK and internationally. ShadowMemory, curated by Katya Sivers and Elena Sudakova, explores new territories for contemporary art, interacting within both digital and physical space.


Conceived in the form of an app which is linked to geolocation, ShadowMemory simultaneously acts as a multidisciplinary art exhibition, a tour, a game, and an immersive experience. Artists, designers, architects, film-makers and theatre directors are invited to develop unique routes to share them with audiences internationally. Informed by their creators’ artistic practices, themes of their work or simply their areas of interest, the routes offer new ways of seeing the world. ShadowMemory bridges virtual and physical reality to help us experience urban environments in different and unexpected ways – as readymades, as constantly changing organisms, as allegories and as focal points of innumerable visible and invisible processes. In response to the Fourth Ural Industrial Biennial’s focus on work and play in the near future, two groundbreaking commissions will be presented, created by The Demolition Project and Sergey Kasich and Victor Murzikov, Blueprint and Phantasmarium of Victor M., which explore industrial environment of Yekaterinburg and propose immersive visions for its future.

ShadowMemory as an app which invites artists, designers, film-makers, researchers and architects, helps develop unique routes which encourage us to see conventional in a different way. Informed by their makers’ work, artistic practices, themes of their research or simply their areas of interest, the routes offer new ways of seeing the world around us.

Sergey Kasich

Sergey Kasich

is a sound artist, musician, performer. Graduated as a Psychology major with MA (Hons) in 2006 from Lomonosov’s MSU, Kasich completed his postgraduate studies in behavioral genetics and psychodiagnostics in 2010. Kasich is the founder and curator of Moscow Sound Art Gallery and Moscow Sound Art Studio. Since 2011 he has led a course investigating the technical basics of interactive arts in Rodchenko’s Art School in Moscow. Kasich curates and produces critically acclaimed events and projects supported by residents of SA which include: an annual festival and monthly showcases. Since 2008 Kasich’s practice has focused on interactive and generative sound and multimedia art installations featuring: interactive sound and visual design; creative coding; development; engineering and consulting. Kasich also works as a composer and sound-producer across a broad spectrum of the performing arts from theatrical productions and performances to pop-music projects.

Viktor Murzikov

is a film-director. Graduated from the Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University, Yekaterinburg, with a major in cinema and TV production. Grew up in an area surrounded by factories, railways, industrial wastelands and water reservoires. From childhood developed a liking to horror movies, which he watched mostly with his Mother, an experience that, he says ‘helped to stay sane during the very real horrors that passed in the last decade of the 20th century in Russia’. From 2004 started filming his own, micro-budget films with friends, family, and classmates. At the moment his filmography includes 10 films, among which Slug vs surgeon, Season of Decay, Eleventh route, Behind the wall, Last summer: city of zombies, Intestines inside out 3: Elmer’s justice. Victor is currently working on Intestines inside out 4.

  • Date: 14 September 2017 - 12 November 2017