Alexandre Tissot Demidoff (Independent scholar) will present a fascinating talk on the secrets of the last great Demidoff sale of paintings.

Princess Helene Troubetzkaya

The Art Institute of Chicago acquired its first important permanent collection of paintings in 1890 from the Demidoffs of San Donato.  This seminar will identify the seller as Princess Helen Demidoff.  The presentation also resolves the existing discrepancy regarding the number of paintings actually acquired from Princess Helen.  The early records of the Art Institute indicate that thirteen were acquired, while newly reviewed sale records of the art dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel, show a much larger number.

The seminar is part of the History of Collecting seminar series was established as part of the Wallace Collection’s commitment to the research and study of the history of collections and collecting, especially in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Paris and London.