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Stay Alert! This government slogan is still keeping me puzzled questioning: ‘what does it mean to stay alert?’”

FRYM. Covivid. RAC Virtual Artistic Residence 2020. @FRYM

Why “stay at home” has once been replaced with “stay alert”?

And most importantly why did we completely forget how to ‘keep calm and carry on’?

An interesting fact is that unless people need to go to a workplace or for essential shopping they would naturally stay at home. Without stress, they would voluntarily choose to retreat in their back garden and enjoy the bloom of roses and the smell of barbeque.

Anxiety is the most powerful modern tool to make people volunteer their location, health conditions, family history etc.

For the greater good and a fresh pint, we rush to the pubs and photograph location tags.

However every day the rules are changing, what once been right now is prohibited to do. We have a discount and warm welcome for taking the masks off in restaurants and get a fine for doing the same in parks.

For my Covivid series, I’ve been collecting quotes from the articles, which would be woven into the story of life in 2020.

‘Save Lives, Control The Virus, Stay Alert’ in my work rapidly changes into ‘Save the Virus, Control Lives. Stay Alert!”

FRYM. Covivid. RAC Virtual Artistic Residence 2020. @FRYM