Dr Djurdja Bartlett – Soviet Fashion in the 1920s: Fusion of socialism and Art Deco.

Lecture will be preceded by the tour of the house which will start at 6.30 pm. (lectures will start at 7 pm).

The era of the New Economic Policy (NEP), from the end of the Russian Civil War in 1921 to the onslaught of collectivization and rapid industrialization in 1929, was a time of transition from what tsarist Russia had been to what Soviet Russia would become. It was a short period when Russians were given some “breathing space”, when starvation and shortages were replaced by a free market economy and a jazz age splashed onto the streets of the Russian cities.

Three lectures, held in the most remarkable art deco house in London (https://www.dorichhousemuseum.org.uk), which was built in 1930s as a studio home of the Russian sculptor Dora Gordine and her husband the Hon. Richard Hare, will discuss innovative Russian architecture which thrived in the 1920s, Soviet film which became one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and fashion which was given a new lease of life at the time when women wanted to look beautiful again.