Lengiz – Books in all Branches of Knowledge, Moscow, 1924, Aleksandr Mikhailovich Rodchenko (Russian, 1891-1956),

In commemoration of the centennial of the Russian Revolution, California State University, Los Angeles will present an exhibition titled “Revolutionizing the World: The Russian Revolution at Its Centenary, 1917-2017.” The exhibition will kick off at Cal State LA on Oct. 9 and will travel to Sonoma State and then to Chico State.

The exhibition uses visual artifacts generated by the seismic events of 1917 to tell the story of progressive ideas in the modern world. It also includes a display of new media and radical aesthetics used to communicate ideas about equality, solidarity, and individualism that evolved during the revolutionary years of the Russian Revolution.The show features an extraordinary collection of art and cultural artifacts from premier cultural institutions, such as the Getty Research Institute, the Wende Museum of the Cold War, and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

The exhibition is curated by  Choi Chatterjee, of Cal State LA, and Cristina Cuevas-Wolf, of the Wende Museum

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