This ten-week lecture series explores the world’s major revolutions, including Russian revolutions, through the prism of art.

Boris Kustodiev,The Bolshevik, 1920.

Revolutions aren’t any sort of change – once they occur, nothing can be the same again. Throughout history, art has responded to political, cultural and technological revolutions in different ways. From ushering in a new era with its own visual language, to adopting technological innovation, or expressing new and disruptive ideas.On this ten-week lecture series, join a roster of art world scholars and experts as they dissect some of the most significant revolutions in history and how artists have been shaped by them. The course will look at major events such as the print revolution that ushered in the Gutenberg Bible, and subsequently the Reformation; the French and Russian revolutions that toppled established orders; and the work of the Impressionists, who changed our perceptions of what art should or could be.Each lecture is facilitated to encourage discussion with participants as a group, to help broaden everyone’s understanding of the topic.