Our Music Contributor Yulia Chaplina has recently interviewed the founder of Olgarhythm charity – Olga Jegunova about how to support musicians in this difficult time. You may watch the interview on our Facebook page.

Olga Jegunova © Gerard Uferas


Olgarhythm was founded on the 30th of July 2015 in London by classical pianist Olga Jegunova and actuary Glyn Eggar. The Patrons of the charity are Suzi Digby (Lady Eatwell) OBE and Sir András Schiff.

Since its inception the charity has been hosting regular fundraising concerts. The charity’s home in London became a meeting point of fantastic musicians and music lovers. With the charity’s audience and supporters a strong community dedicated to classical music and shared cultural values was formed.

Olgarhythm is now fundraising to support the many musicians who were affected by the current crisis of cancelled work and loss of income, and would welcome any contributions. Here are some ideas on how to support musicians, if you can:

  • commission a new composition
  • have a music teacher
  • increase your music teachers’ fee
  • organise a concert and offer a generous fee to the musician
  • donate to a musician
  • donate to the music charity
  • support classical music as much as you can

Please don’t hesitate to choose any musician that you know personally and offer your support. Otherwise, please get in touch with Olgarhythm as they have a long list of those who needs your help.

If you are a professional musician and are affected by the current situation caused by COVID-19 virus, please write to us at music@olgarhythm.com and we will try to help.

All further information is available on the charity’s website.