Olga Lomaka, Guess What I See? acryl, plexiglass, canvas, 2017

Olga Lomaka introduces her new project Pink Magic in London. This time, it will be running at the Hellenic Culture Centre.

Pink Magic is a new series of works by Olga Lomaka following the Artefacts launched in 2016. Whilst the Artefacts explored the omnivorous character of the pop-culture with its commodification of body and values, this new project focuses on interplay and interaction of male and female principles.

The series consist of 13 acrylic painted installations  executed in the technique of aerography on fiberglass. They represent a famous personage of animated cartoons, the Pink Panther, mysteriously appearing and disappearing through the almond-shaped hole. The name for the series derives from the Pink Magic cartoon in which Pink Panther acts as a magician, deftly and elegantly performing his tricks to the amazement of the public. Apart from having an almost ubiquitous presence in film, comics, advertising cartoons, Pink Panther entered the mainstream consciousness as a contemporary Pop icon. Actually, many critics believe, his status is on a par with Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans and Coca-Cola Bottles. In 1988 Pink Panther became an obsession with the artist Jeff Koons.

Although enjoying these allusions to Koons’ works, Lomaka is actually inspired by the ideas of Lucio Fontana, with holes simultaneously symbolising eternity and femaleness. However, we are not going to write a spoiler here: come and have a look for yourselves. Pink Magic teases, intrigues, entertains. One of its main characters, the happy –go-lucky panther seems to be enjoying himself in the process. Perhaps, you might as well?

The exhibition is organised by FashionPrBuro in collaboration with FashionTV,  WStory and FineArt.

Olga Lomaka is a young emerging artist and a winner of art prizes, who can already boast participation in various shows, biennales and exhibitions. Having taken painting classes at Central Saint Martins, Lomaka graduated with honours (BA in Painting ) from Camberwell College of Arts. She is the winner of numerous art competitions and internationally recognised awards. The artist recently won the Best Contemporary Artist of the Year award presented by Phillips Auction House in London. Amongst many of the artist’s projects are collaborations with Vogue magazine and some fashion brands. Lomaka’s works can be found in 25 Kadr Gallery Foundation (Moscow), Contemporary Art Center M17” (Kiev), Loyola University Foundation (Chicago), Erarta Museum (St. Petersburg) as well as in private collections. In 2018 she will participate in the Young Artists’ Prize in Venice.


  • Date: 08 March 2018 - 11 March 2018
  • The Hellenic Culture Centre 16-18, Paddington Street, W1U 5AS