Centrala, Birmingham, will open an exhibition by a talented Russian-born London-based artist Olga Grotova.

Olga Grotova, Untitled, 2017. Courtesy Olga Grotova

Olga Grotova can be described as a fictional story-teller, deeply interested in the notion of identity and displacement. Her practice encompasses painting, video and performance and often features female characters that question social relationships within their environments.

The exhibition, Debris on a Luminous Plain,  continues Grotova’s exploration of fictional histories and possible realities. She stages an environment of paintings, ceramic props and video work as a set for a new live work to present three female characters engaging in dialogues, confrontations and rituals.

Olga Grotova, Snowflake Schema, 2017. Courtesy Olga Grotova

As described by Karina Cabanikova, exhibition curator:

“It’s very interesting how ancestors’ past can affect vision and perception of next generation. Many Grotova’s works present joy and terror at the same time and Debris on a Luminous Plain is no exception. Artist’s grandmother and great grandmother were exiled to the Kazakh steppe during the Great Purge and the image of the vast unconstrained land distorts notions of freedom associated with nature’s vast spaces into the image of repression.”