Another discussion of the “Overheard” series will be on history and future of Russia

On January 24, 2018, the famous writer Boris Akunin and author of  a 2017 best-selling book  The Empire Must Die  journalist Mikhail Zygar will meet in London to discuss the historical development of Russia and the situation in the Russian society. The conversation will revolve around the events of a century ago and their relevance to the situation of today. The life in Russia, its people and their ideas, have practically not changed in hundred years.

Akunin and Zygar will ask each other questions and answer them frankly, without any advance preparation or censorship. The public will have a rare opportunity not only to “eavesdrop” on their conversation, but also to take part in it directly.

MIKHAIL ZYGAR is a leading Russian journalist, writer and filmmaker. He is the former founding editor-in-chief of the only Russian independent news TV-channel, Dozhd. Dozhd provides an alternative to state-run TV channels by focusing on news content and giving a platform to opposition voices. Zygar was also author of the best-selling  book  All the Kremlin’s Men, the history of Putin’s Russia, based on interviews with Russian politicians from Putin’s inner circle (translated into 18 languages). Laureate of the International Press for Freedom Award. His latest book, The Empire Must Die, was published in autumn of 2017 in a parallel Russian and English version. Zygar studied in detail the history of Russian revolutions of 1905-1917.

BORIS AKUNIN (GRIGORY CHHARTISHVILI) is a Russian writer, author of several dozen novels, novels, literary articles and translations of Japanese, American and English literary works into Russian. Akunin’s books have been translated and published in 50 languages ​​and sold with a total circulation of more than 30 million copies.

The organizers of  “Overheard conversations” is Bird & Carrot and King’s College Russian Speaking Society.