Courtesy of Erarta galleries

Erarta Official Launched First Asian-based Art Gallery Erarta Galleries Hong Kong Opens Amidst Rising Interest in Russian Contemporary Art and Continued Demand from Asian and Chinese Enthusiasts. Erarta Galleries Hong Kong, situated on Hollywood Road, Central, held its grand opening ceremony and opening night for its inaugural exhibition GAME CHANGERS on the 20th November, 2014. Erarta Contemporary Art Galleries, as a part of the overall Erarta Project, has official launched its first Asian based art gallery in Hong Kong, heralding its fifth worldwide location and adding to its existing network of galleries in New York, London, Zurich and St. Petersburg headquarters. At Erarta Galleries Hong Kong’s grand opening cocktails party, guests were given the privileges to preview the inaugural exhibition of Erarta Galleries Hong Kong, GAME CHANGERS, the show includes over 40 works from an exclusive selection of contemporary Russian Art from Erarta’s portfolio of over 170 artists from 30 distinctive regions of Russia, showcasing Erarta’s diversity at its best. Gillian Au, Gallery Manager at Erarta Galleries Hong Kong, states: “We are thrilled to be opening our doors here in Hong Kong after months of anticipation and planning. The Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia Greater China market are primed for the introduction of Russian contemporary art, which is destined for a major impact here. The majority of works, created by already established and rapidly emerging artists, lies in the HKD50,000 to HKD200,000 price-range and we believe that the quality and philosophical depth that Erarta’s artists manage to achieve in their works are head and shoulders above others available in this price segment.” Meesha Chang, Erarta Galleries’ Global Director, adds: “The launch of Erarta Galleries Hong Kong achieves our long-standing objective to add a foothold in the Asian market and be able to present Russian contemporary art in cities that rank as the world’s most important art hubs.” Meesha continues: “We’ve seen a tremendous wave of interest in Russian contemporary art from Chinese and Asian guests visiting Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg  in recent years, and a rapidly developing love and demand from Asian clients across our global galleries. We believe that the profound beauty and mystery that are inherent to the make-up of the Russian soul are reflected by Erarta’s artists and will strike a powerful chord with our visitors in Hong Kong. Indeed, the ethos of the Erarta Project lies in encouraging people to form deep personal connections to works-of-art that go on to enrich their lives, so we look forward to introducing clients to new experiences on their journey in the art world.” The exhibition, GAME CHANGERS, will continue until the 17th January, 2015. About Erarta Erarta Galleries is the commercial arm of the overall Erarta Project, dedicated to promoting Russian contemporary art both domestically and on the international stage. The Erarta Project was first launched in September 2010, is the biggest global one of its kind, and also includes Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia’s largest private museum of contemporary art, whose collection contains 2,300 works by more than 170 artists. Erarta has firmly established itself as not just a dominant presence on the Russian contemporary art scene but also as an important cultural landmark in Russia, welcoming over 180,000 visitors per annum and boasting the largest social media profile of any Russian museum with over 200,000 followers. Profits from the galleries are reinvested back into the overall project and enable Erarta to continue supporting and promoting Russian contemporary art. For further information click here.