This week Lara is in conversation with Irina Kikina of Kikina Designs, London. Irina is from Moscow and takes much of her creative inspiration from Russian cultural references that she discusses in this episode, especially film, art, and literature.

Irina got her MA in graphic design at the Stroganov Academy of the Applied Arts, the alma mater of Rodchenko and Mayakovsky. She then moved to Antwerp, Belgium to study Dutch and then to Moscow to work as a designer and art director at magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Empire. After 10 years in the industry, she took the leap in 2020 to set up her own business, a sustainable e-commerce brand called Kikina Designs aimed at Gen-Z and Russian culture lovers. On her website you can expect to find futurist manifestoes hand-painted on silk scarves, post-Soviet cult classic movie heroes on t-shirts, and silver age poetry on hoodies. In this episode, Irina describes her favourite Russian food, films, and literature with a passion that would make anyone want to eat, watch, and read all of the above.


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