Lara returns with her second series of “Kusochek” podcasts, starting off by interviewing a PhD student Serian Carlyle of UCL, SSEES. Listen in to Serian’s Russian journey, starting with her teaching post in Chelyabinsk leading her to dedicate years of study to the field of Russian cinema, particularly Soviet-era youth cinema and the crossover of the themes of bodies, gender, health, and nationalism on screen.

Serian is a Soviet film fanatic and in this episode she recommends a number of classic and less well-known titles that offer a unique insight into the Russian history and culture. Her specialist topic is the Brezhnev era, so you can expect some astute insights about this period in Soviet cinema. Serian is also a podcast assistant for the Soviet Sex Podcast which unpacks all the juicy and complicated themes attached to sex, marriage, family, reproductive rights, pregnancy and more. Her research with Dr Rachel Morley on the politics of reproduction and abortion in Soviet cinema was published two years ago and her PhD seeks to contribute more to this field of study. Serian is based in Cambridge where she is completing her thesis and works part-time in the charity sector.

Here are some links to the films that are mentioned in the podcast in case you want to explore further:

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