Cardboardia Project is arriving to Ramsgate. There it will be organising its Cardboardia Marine Laboratory for Ramsgate Festival on 18th July. 

Personages of Cardboardia (artits from Russia and the UK) will stay in residence at Arts in Ramsgate prior to their manifestations at Ramsgate Festival. Local artists are hereby invited to become Cardboardia personages and join the Cardboardia Marine Laboratory team. There are two modules available:  one is for preparing the sets and the other — performances. The programme runs from Tuesday 18 July onwards, while the Ramsgate festival is going on. The characters of Cardboardia will start walking the streets of Ramsgate from 21 July onwards.

The concept of the project runs as follows: In old ancient stories sea monsters attacked cities in order to rebuke the sinful, teach people a lesson, or instill into them respect for nature. The monsters attacks also consolidated cities into the communities of people struggling against the threat.  These days sea monsters seem to be very few and they obviously show no inclination of meeting with humans. So, no sea monsters have shown up for a long time. The Ramsgate Festival seems to have found an alternative and called  a very strange creature – Tyrant of Cardboardia — for help. Throughout the  Ramsgate Festival week the participants will create a rubbish monster and will meet him on 29 July (Saturday) at Ramsgate Main Sands. The Tyrant of Cardboardia shall lead the community and will make an attempt to defeat the monster!  You can find the general information about the festival here:

So, the studio calls for performance and design artists, as well as the general public to join them in this exciting and exhilarating project! 

If you are an artist who is interested, you can help

– make cardboard tubes – make water pistols – make your own costume – join the fight with the rubbish monster!

If you would like to volunteer and have fun, please, email:

To join the Cardboardia Laboratory from Tuesday July 18 please fill in the form  Or go to:

If you wish to perform and become a Carboardia character, you should  join the team and prepare in advance (your costume) to join the epic battle on 29 July! Please check a previous Cardboard Tube Fight Tournament on

About the Cardboardia: The main driving force behind Cardboardia is artist Sergey Korsakov. Cardboardia is a country without borders. It unites people who build Cardboard Towns and organize workshops to summon up GIANT cardboard Creatures around the world! Cardboardia team are based in Moscow (Russia). It also has its own Cardboardian European Embassy based in Riga, Latvia. All Cardboardia projects , such as workshops, performances, parades etc. are highly interactive events. The artists invite the audience/ visotors/ spectators to participate in all activities. Cardboardia studio love to work with local communities: their major goal is to share their unique artistic experiment and inspiration with local communities all over the world.  Cardboardia is the state of mind!

Future plans for Mobile Cardboardia Embassy’s 2017 (not fully confirmed):

Ramsgate Festival – 22-30 July Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre (Coventry) – 23-28 August Festival of Thrift (Redcar) – 23 and 24 September Festival of Imagineers (Coventry) – 29 and 30 September