We suggest you make a pause and perhaps, leave the festive table for a moment, to follow the graceful movements of some leading Russian ballet dancers.

The language of dance can tell any story, conveying subtle emotional overtones along with the dynamic development of thought. Every dancer is a storyteller, who inevitably adds their own individuality and world-outlook to the dancing narrative. In this series of seven videos created by Alisa Aslanova, leading soloists at the Mikhailovsky Theatre tell us about themselves through steps, gestures, moves and glances instead of words.

Close-up. Angelina Vorontsova

Close-up. Anastasia Soboleva and Victor Lebedev

Close-up. Ivan Zaitcev

Close-up. Julia Lukianenko

Close-up. Leonid Sarafanov

Close-up. Svetlana Bednenko

Close-up. Ekaterina Borchenko

About project

The Mikhailovsky Theatre would like to thank the Dom Boutique Hotel for their hospitality.