15895310_371619746526497_8533667070107509908_nRussian Society in Cambridge is delighted to announce that Mikhail Zygar, Russian journalist, writer and film-maker, founder of Project 1917 and founding editor-in-chief of Russian independent tv-channel ‘Dozhd’ will give a talk on his current project 1917, of which he is a director. The talk will take place on February 11th. “1917: free history” is a collaborative, web-based project styled to emulate social networks giving users a unique way to experience the human drama of the year leading up to October Revolution of 1917 and thus transform the way we learn and teach history. On a timeline, the characters, such as Nicholas II, Lenin or Joseph Stalin, are posting messages, pictures and even videos in a mock-contemporaneous account of events during the weeks and months leading up to it – all based on historical evidence. “It re-creates the atmosphere of the same day 100 years ago and allows us to experience it as an insider and learn about the events first-hand: get a glimpse of what these persons were aspiring to, thinking of, were afraid or dreaming of,” — Zygar shared with CNN. The venue of the event is to be confirmed soon, so follow the CamRussSoc website.