A new insightful and highly original project will be opening at the Pushkin House early this Septermer. This project is a collaborative effort between the house curator of the Pushkin House Olga Jürgenson and curators from the Trtyakov Gallery Kirill Svetlyakov and Nikolay Smirnov.


The project will feature such young Russian and international  artists as Nadezhda Anfalova, Egor Astapchenko, Elena Berg, Irina Filatova, Dima Filippov, Lucy Harris, Valery Klamm, Kollectivnye Deystviya (Collective Actions), Ikuru Kuvadzhima, Ekaterina Lazareva, Mikhail Maksimov Idit Nathan, Egor Plotnikov, Boris Rodoman, Kirill Savchenkov, Max Sher, Corinne Silva, Evgeny Strelkov, Up! Community, Dmitry Venkov, Dmitry Zamyatin

This interdisciplinary project is dedicated to Metageography —  a concept that came into being in the Soviet Union in the 1960s. Metageography is a field of knowledge that lies at the intersection of science, philosophy and art, in its broadest sense, and considers possibilities, conditions, methods, and discourses of geographical thinking and imagination.

Since the end of the 1960s, when regular air travel began and the first pictures of Earth from outer space appeared, the concepts of space and time, local and global boundaries, and the categories of “far” and “near,” “inside” and “outside” underwent a radical revision. Now the globalization process is driving a new experience, a modeling and representation of space in which an individual also must reconstruct himself/herself all over again.

This project brings together the experiences of geographers and artists from three generations of Russian art from the 1960s to the 2000s. As part of the project, contemporary artworks are accompanied by maps and concepts by geographers.

For the current London version of the project, the curators decided to select pieces/artworks that reconfigure the post-Soviet landscape and focus on different ways of representing it. The so-called “geographical cartoids” by  Boris Rodoman, one of the founders of metageography [in  the USSR in the 1960s] are the central point of the exhibition. According to Rodoman: “They reflect a specific landscape formed in our country due to the steadfast features of its political system and economic mode”. Interdisciplinary works by eighteen artists based in or related to Russia are accompanied by pieces by three participants based in the UK, adding further socio-political aspects to this travelling exhibition.

A version of this exhibition was first implemented at the The Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts in Voronezh and State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val as a Special Project of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Accompanying Events:

06.09.2017 Private view and tour around the exhibition with co-curator of Metageography, an artist and a geographer Nikolay Smirnov

05.10.2017 Screening of video works by artists participating at Metageography exhibition: Lucy Harris, Idit Nathan, Corinne Silva, Dmitry Venkov

11.10.2017  Evening with Chief Curator of Contemporary art at The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) and co-curator of Metageography exhibition Kirill Svetlyakov. Talk and Q&A