The series intend to publish books, both new research in English and translations of monographs and sources in other languages that cover the early history, literature, archaeology, art and culture of the lands that were previously the territory of the former Soviet Union. The series will employ a broad interpretation of the medieval period by extending it to the early eighteenth century to reflect the historical specifics of the region. Books on subjects beyond the geographical and chronological scope of the series may be considered when they reflect historical and cultural dynamics essential for the series’ specialization.

Proposals Welcome.

The editorial board welcomes proposals for monographs, edited volumes, translations, and editions. The series’ geographical scope includes all regions of Europe, including Byzantium; the Middle East and Asia; Egypt, the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa; and the Americas.

For questions or to submit a proposal, please contact Acquisitions Editor for Medieval Studies Shannon Cunningham ( or visit our website:

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Geographical Scope: Russia, Eastern Slavic territories, Eastern Scandinavia, Trans-Urals, the Golden Horde,

Chronological Scope:  700–1700 CE



JULIANA DRESVINA (series editor) St John’s College, Oxford

SERGEI BOGATYREY University College London

SIMON FRANKLIN University of Cambridge

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