Specially for the Russian Art Week, which will kick off in London on 31 May, 2019, Russian Art + Culture and Katrine Levin Galleries present the solo exhibition of Georgian artist Mamuka Dideba (Didebashvili) The Magical Worlds.

Mamuka Dideba, The Sommelier, 2016

An ancient culture, Georgia is a land of inspiration, diversity, and artistic mastery. The art of Mamuka Dideba, dubbed “Georgia’s Bruegel”, is a unique expression of the wonder, the subtle humour, and the warm and often surreal philosophical outlook that is quintessentially Georgian. A master of figurative and abstract, Dideba paints in exquisite Renaissance imprimatura technique that lights up the canvas from within.

Find out more about Mamuka Dideba’s practice following the link

Mamuka Dideba, The Fig Eater, 2014

The exhibition is Dideba’s first solo show in London and an exciting opportunity to see his extraordinary art.


Preview: 31 May | 6:30 pm | By invitation Only


  • Date: 01 June 2019 - 06 June 2019
  • Shapero Modern Gallery 32 St George Street London W1S 2EA
  • Time: Sat-Sun 11.00-17.00 ; Mon -Thurs 9.30-18.00
  • Tickets: Free
  • Website: http://www.katrinelevin.com