Lewis Caroll’s books have always had great resonance in Russia, and been a major source of inspiration. What is less well known is that Carroll also knew Russia – it was the destination of his one and only trip out of Britain.

Celebrated Moscow historian Alexander Mozhaev will talk about Carroll’s journey to Moscow, St.Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod in 1867, based on archival photographs of the places described in the traveller’s diary.

He will also touch on the depiction of time in Caroll’s books and the paradoxical aspect of time in Russian history and its tendency to move in circles. Alexander has uncovered the source of this circular movement in the architectural forms of Russian towns. This part of the talk will be accompanied by film excerpts from a Soviet animation „Alice“ (1981)

About the author: Alexander Mozhaev was born in 1972. In 1996 he graduated from the Restoration Department of the Moscow Architectural Institute. For several years he worked in this field, before becoming a journalist for several Moscow newspapers and magazines. In 2007 he created a website “Archnadzor”, which later became the voice of the campaign group of the same name (Architectural Watchdog) working to protect Moscow’s built heritage. Since 2013 Alexander has also been a specialist at Moscow’s Shchusev State Museum of Architecture.

In English and Russian.