Each year the Russian Ballet Day UK will bring to the UK audience an exciting program introducing highlights of the new and restored productions, the highlights in the schedule of the world’s leading artists and choreographers, unique ballet collaborations, created by both world known and emerging Russian choreographers to the international audiences.

Theatre and dance professionals see the Russian Ballet Day UK as an opportunity to expand thir creative abilities and career horizons, while also providing a chance to reach a whole new international audience in their experience. As for the public, the Russian Ballet Day UK becomes a guide in the world of the most influential ballet heritage in the world, the Russian, and creates bridges to the best contemporary dance ballet masters and practices of choreography.

BALLET BRIDGES is an exclusive educational programme of the Russian Ballet Day UK, which throughout the year aims to present rare documentary films and publications about choreographers and artists, conduct lectures with the leading choreography academicians, and hold workshops by celebrated foreign dance companies and choreographers. Over the course of the year, the team of Russian Ballet Day UK will travel the world in search of the most exciting dance productions and figures to present their works to the international audiences and Russian diaspora in the UK.During the first year, the Russian Ballet Day UK will introduce to the UK public an exciting program with four themes – PETIPA, NUREYEV, PAVLOVA AND RATMANSKY, names after three and one leading contemporary choreographers and dancers. The first event of these series will be Petipa Day, where we will be celebrating the bicentenary of Maestro Marius Petipa and his artistic legacy.

The founder and art director of the Russian Ballet Day UK is Mariana Haseldine – a pianist and entrepreneur. Ballet historian Amy Growcott came up with an idea of creating a collaborative laboratory where both Russian and international choreographers could show their creative writings and working methods to each other and to a wider audience.