Welcome to our podcast “In conversation with Art and Culture”. This time we are bringing you the first two episodes of the mini-series Kusochek by our new contributor Lara Olszowska. “Kusochek (‘кусочек’) offers short, informative, even humorous pieces relating to any part of Soviet or Russian culture”, says Lara.

In the first podcast Lara Olszowska interviewed Daria Mosolova, a Russian native speaker and student of Comparative Literature at University College London. Tune in to hear Daria’s take on Russian literature, art, Russian national identity and New Year celebrations. Daria also has an excellent recommendation for listeners who are looking to get a kusochek (a piece, a taste) of Russian culture without having to leave home!

In the second episode of “Kusochek” series, Lara interviews Liza Grivnyak, an art student soon to be womenswear designer from Moscow. Liza describes the Russian folkloric inspiration for her latest designs, dives into the beauty of the colourful Russian language, shares her favourite to Russian artworks and museums and has a delicious Russian Recommendation of the week to keep us warm in these cold months.

Tune in and enjoy!