The House of Ruinart, Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair and Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art are delighted to announce the winner of the 2017 Ruinart Art Patronat grant, emerging Russian artist Alexey Martins. The Ruinart Art Patronat grant will allow Martins to execute his proposed Black Diptych (Black Forest and Black Sky) project that will be exhibited for the first time at Cosmoscow in 2018. Martins will also get a chance to visit the House of Ruinart in the Champagne region in France. Born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Alexey Martins, who was a nominee of the 2015 Kandinsky Prize (Young Artist – Project of the Year) and is currently collaborating with the Fragment Gallery, Moscow, was selected from a total of 22 artist applications to win the Ruinart Art Patronat grant.

“We have repeatedly stated that Cosmoscow is aimed at providing support to contemporary Russian art and emerging artists. I am very happy to notice that through the years this support is becoming more and more targeted. To see how the ideas of artists come to life, and be part of this process is an unparalleled pleasure.

I look forward to the forthcoming 2018 edition of Cosmoscow that will feature a new commission by Alexey Martins,” said Margarita Pushkina, Founding Director of Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair and Founder of Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art.

The Ruinart Art Patronat grant was established by the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art in2017 to offer support to contemporary Russian artists providing them with opportunities to create new work and evolve their practice. “Ruinart’s mission is to provide extensive support to the development process of particular talents and arts in general. Russia’s contemporary art scene contents with the international art world leaders, which is why we are happy to be part of it,” said Svetlana Stishkova, Moёt Hennessy Russia Marketing Director.

The long list for the Ruinart Art Patronat contest included contemporary Russian artists nominated by Cosmoscow exhibitors. Each of the selected artists presented their site-specific project proposals for Cosmoscow 2018 and the winner was voted for by a panel of jury members.

The 2017 Ruinart Art Patronat contest jury panel included: Margarita Pushkina, Founding Director of Cosmoscow; Alexei Maslyaev, Cosmoscow Non-Commercial Programme Curator; Vasili Tsereteli, Moscow Museum of Modern Art Executive Director; Alistair Hicks, internationally acclaimed contemporary art expert; Svetlana Stishkova, Moёt Hennessy Russia Marketing Director. “I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I was awarded with the Ruinart Art Patronat grant. I see it as an opportunity to deliver a project that is very important to me. It’s comforting to know that such ecological projects can spark interest. I’m deeply grateful to the contest’s initiators – the House of Ruinart and Cosmoscow Art Fair, and to Fragment Gallery, for providing me with new opportunities,” said Alexey Martins.

Martin’s Black Diptych project aims to take a closer look at the new landscape, and to fuel the nonjudgmental discussion about the new contexts within the cultural product. The installation includes two parts (Black Forest and Black Sky) placed in two separate spaces welcoming the observer to become a part of the sculpture. Visually identical and reversibly placed parts represent the image of the ruined land, which sprouts other elements as a fungus.