Join RA+C as authors Viv Groskop and Vesna Goldsworthy explore the lives, fictions and legacies of the Karenins – perhaps the most famous family in Russian literature. Hosted by Anna Prosvetova from Russian Art & Culture – one of the leading ambassadors for the Russian arts – this evening promises to be a fascinating adventure into Russian literature.

In “The Anna Karenina Fix”, Viv Groskop delves into the novels of history’s deepest thinkers to discover enduring truths about how we should live. Whether you’re new to the Russian classics or returning to old favourites, they’ll help salve your heartache by exploring the torments of a host of famous and infamous literary heroes and heroines – after all: they have suffered so that you don’t have to!

Vesna Goldsworthy’s “Monsieur Ka” takes us to the London winter of 1947 – as cold as St Petersburg during the Revolution – where the Karenins keep their vodka under the layers of snow in their suburban garden. When a young Frenchwoman arrives to work as a companion to the aged ‘Monsieur Ka’ – Count Karenin, whose mother inspired the character of Anna Karenina – he begins to tell his story; full of dangerous revelation.