Irina Khakamada will present her new master-class “Dao of life.Three steps towards success” in   London School of Economics.

Khakamada, a public figure, bestselling author and business coach, will talk about how to overcome procrastination, combine successful career with personal happiness and other challenges of successful people today. The participants of the masterclass will learn to better understand themselves, fight their fears and embrace positive changes.

Khakamada started her career as a junior research fellow, but us now recognised as one of the top ten business speakers. Being one of the most successful businesswomen in Russia, she will use her experience to share ways how to find the key to success and get rid of depression and exhaustion.

This will be her second masterclass in London – the first one brought together almost 500 participants who reviewed it favourably and approached the organisers with the requests to repeat the event. To book your tickets and stay tuned with all the details please check the website.