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Scotland Russia Review 2014 Year of CultureUK-Russian Year of Culture 2014
Theodora Clarke is an art historian and critic, who became a new face of the Russian Art in Britain over the last couple of years. The founder of the Russian Art and Culture website and organiser of the biannual Russian Art Week in London, she fell in love with Russian art at the age of 16, after her first visit to Saint Petersburg. During the Year of Russian Culture 2014, Theodora Clarke will be largely involved in organisation and coordination of cultural events. She is talking to the Review about the highlights of the upcoming year. Review (R): How and why, in your opinion, was the idea of the Year of Russian Culture born? Theodora Clarke (TC): The UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014 follows a tradition of bi-lateral years where Russia has worked in partnership with other countries. For example, 2013 is the equivalent project in the Netherlands. The idea is to build relationships between our two countries using culture as a platform. Of course, there have been ups and downs with the political relationship between UK and Russia but this year is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and to deepen our cultural ties. R: Is Russian Art and Culture involved in the project in any way? TC: As the Editor of the largest website on Russian cultural events in the UK, then Russian Art & Culture of course will be supporting the year. We are working closely with the Russian Embassy here in London and the British Council to support the events in 2014. The official programme has now been announced and a number of high profile institutions will be hosting cultural projects throughout the year from Tate Modern to the Edinburgh International Festival. In conjunction with Russian Mind, I have produced a magazine with a preview of events which includes art, music, literature, ballet and film and features interviews with some of the leading curators and directors. Continue reading here First published in Scotland Russia Review, Feb 2014$2830$29.pdf