Screenshot from 2016-09-01 12-19-44Tvoya Istoriya (Your Story), the Russian federal project about people in Russian culture, art & fashion, published their recent interview with Theodora Clarke, Editor of Russian Art and Culture and the founder of Russian Art Week, where she talks about the founding of Russian Art and Culture and promotion of Russian culture in the UK.

Theodora, the principal question is WHY you have decided to launch the one of the biggest art week in London dedicated to Russian art?

Theodora Clarke: Russian Art Week came about as an idea following a popular blog which I had set up in London dedicated to Russian cultural events. I realised there were a number of Russian sales held twice a year at different major auction houses and galleries, museums and other institutions hosting Russian cultural events but that there was no central event tying them altogether. That is why I decided to launch the Russian Art Week guide to bring together all these events in one place and create a dedicated showcase of Russian culture with a bi-annual event in the UK.

What events are included into the celebration of Russia art during the Russian Art week in London?

Theodora Clarke: The week centres around the four auction house sales at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams and MacDougalls. They host sales of Russian art each year in early June and late November which includes everything from icons and Faberge to avant-garde and contemporary works. We also host a VIP party on the first night, which is usually held at a different partner venue, when we invite all the collectors, journalists and senior art world figures to attend. Most of our exhibitions programme is focused around galleries in central London, particularly Cork Street and Bond Street, and also includes panel discussions, lectures and tours.

  You can read the complete interview online here.