Welcome to Virtual Artistic Residence with FRYM!

And so I’m back with my work on the agit-textile. I previously spoke about this project here.Today I’m going to show how to create a seamless pattern which I’m going to use for printing my fabrics. In fact, not only fabric, it could be paper, ceramic, wood – you name it.

The collection of patterns, which I’m working on during this residency is called Covivid. The first one is inspired by the most popular saying in 2020 “Wash your hands”.

Frym, RAC Virtual Residence 2020, Day4, Element Combination

Step 1. Drawings.

The first step is to create as many sketches as I could think about. At this stage, I don’t need to worry about the composition on paper. I need to collect different shapes of letters and poses of hands. I draw all elements on a white sheet. Use a thick black Indian ink to facilitate scanning – scanned images look better when elements are clear.

Frym, RAC Virtual Residence 2020, Day4, Element Combination

Step 2. Combining.

I want to say that I plan the pattern in my head and then lay all elements in perfect order. I don’t want to lie. The moment every element is scanned I turn on the most hypnotic music, make myself a burning hot tea, and play the game of puzzle. Most likely that I finish with the combination that I never thought of putting together. I like it when it happens. This feeling of not being in control of the future life of your own sketches.

At this stage, I prepare 2-3 combinations from my scanned drawings, that later will be used as individual wood-cut blocks.

Step 3. Pattern experiments.

It’s a similar process as if you look through a kaleidoscope. Genuine fact is that I love kaleidoscopes and keep one on my desk. This is my meditation tool.

Frym, RAC Virtual Residence 2020, Day4, Pattern Combination

When I worked on this pattern I applied a similar technique. I took my fixed element (a pair of hands) and repeated, mirrored, and applied it in any order I can think of.

Here’s what I have now. My “wash your hands” pattern is done and can now be carved into a woodblock.

Frym, RAC Virtual Residence 2020, Day4, Finished Artwork

Frym, RAC Virtual Residence 2020, Day4, Finished Artwork