On the summer weekend, June 29 and 30, art collectors from all over the world will gather at the Hotel Metropol Monte-Carlo in Monaco to compete for the right to own outstanding works of art at the Hermitage Fine Art auction.

The Hermitage Fine Art will auction rare manuscripts and autographs of famous people, works of Russian art of the 19th and 20th centuries, vintage jewellery and luxury items from private collections from leading international brands.

Russian Art 29 June, beginning at 14:00

Lot 191: Tatyana Nazarenko (b. 1944) B efore Christmas, 2014 Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm.

The auction of Russian art includes paintings and graphics of the XIX-XX centuries, a collection of contemporary artists, engravings and posters, old books, arts and crafts, silver, porcelain and numismatics.

Amongst the top lots:

  • “Family Portrait Orlov” (1846), a brush of a Venetian painter of the XIX century. Goaty Duzi;
  • “Portrait of a Girl in a Red Beret” (last quarter of the 19th century) by the Russian painter Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky;
  • “Portrait of the Ataman Cossack” (1857), executed by the beloved artist of the Emperor Alexander II, the Prussian portraitist and the battle-painter Adolf Gebens;
  • “Portrait of Dr. Krivoshein” Russian artist of the XX century Zinaida Serebryakova;
  • A collection of works by contemporary artists – Tatiana Nazarenko, Igor and Alexei Novikov.

The real decoration of the catalog is an exceptional collection of antique art objects from silver jewellery from Karl Faberge and Pavel Ovchinnikov, unique products of the Gardner porcelain factory, glass items from the oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe – the Imperial Porcelain Factory, founded in St. Petersburg in 1744 by the decree of the Empress Elizabeth I, the daughter of Peter the Great.

Manuscripts, photos and autographs of famous people of the world – June 30, beginning at 11:00

Lot 739: Vladimir MAYAKOVSKY (1893 – 1930), I love. The second edition with an autograph. Ed. VHUTEMAS, MAF series of poets No. 1, Moscow, 1922. 47 p., 17 x 11 cm.

On June 30th, Hermitage Fine Art will exhibit truly unique historical materials from around the world, from the XVIII century to the present day. A large section of autographs and letters of famous French politicians and writers, Russian cultural and literary figures, English and American scientists, and photographs and autographs of world celebrities.

Amongst the top lots:

  • Letters of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, his elder sister Eliza, French politician and diplomat, master of political intrigues of Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord;
  • Historical document: Appointment, signed by Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of the Reich (Reichskanzler), Hermann Göring as Minister of the Prussian State Council and Minister of the Interior for Prussia.
  • An autographed letter from the English naturalist and traveler Charles Darwin;
  • Autographs by Pablo Picasso, Charles Dickens and Josephine Baker;
  • Letters of French writers Charles Baudelaire and François Rene de Chateaubriand.

Lot 777: Leo BORODULIN (p. 1923) Gymnastics circle. 1964 Gelatin silver print Stamp “Ogonyok” L. Borodulin ” on verso 35 cm.

The catalogue also includes a selection of outstanding works of XX century:

  • An archive of reportage photographs – Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein and John Kennedy;
  • A series of original photographs of famous Soviet photographers – Alexander Rodchenko (painter, graphic artist, sculptor, theatre and cinema artist, one of the founders of constructivism), Boris Ignatovich (pioneer of Soviet avant-garde photography 1920-30s, founder of photojournalism), Arkady Shaikhet (one from the founders of the Soviet photo essay, master of documentary photography), Yakov Khalip (direct heir of the Russian avant-garde in photography, a pupil of Alexander Rodchenko), Lev Borodulin (the legend of sports photography, his unique images from numerous Olympics and other significant world sport events invariably become an icon of the era), Alexander Borodulin (the first Soviet photographer who started shooting for Vogue, Marie Claire, L’Officiel and Playboy).

Hermitage Fine Art will also present in the catalogue “Manuscripts, photos and autographs of famous people of the world” a rich collection of Russian historical heritage:

  • Manuscript poem by Alexander Blok “Amethyst”, dedicated to the poet’s first love, actress Ksenia Sadovskaya;
  • Handwritten poem “Rus’ ” by the poetess Nadezhda Teffi;
  • The letter-autograph of the writer and playwright Anton Chekhov with mention of his play “The Cherry Orchard”;
  • Maxim Gorky’s large autograph letter to the Belgian writer and translator Franz Hellens and his wife, in which he recalls his meeting with Hellens, shares his impressions, explains why he admires him, tells about Naples, how he struggles with insomnia, how difficult it is that he is given a new book [The Artamonov Affair], and rejoices that Hellens began working on a new novel [Le naïf];
  • Handwritten letters of Russian writers of the XIX-XX centuries – Ivan Bunin, Alexander Kuprin and Ivan Shmelev;
  • Edition “Suite for Orchestra: Or. 43” with an autograph and dedication inscription of the great Russian composer of the XIX century. Peter Tchaikovsky, addressed the great French composer: “To Mr. Gabriel Faure from a sincere admirer / P. Tchaikovsky / Paris, August 16, 1887”. This score has an exceptional historical and cultural significance and is worthy of a museum or private collection of the national level;
  • Autograph of the most uncompromising poet of the 20th century Vladimir Mayakovsky;
  • A business card with a handwritten text of the poet of the Silver Age Constantine Balmont;
  • the last letters from the love correspondence of Alexander II and Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorukaya;
  • a handwritten postcard of Prince Felix Yusupov, addressed to Baron Raush, in which the prince denies the origin of Grand Duchess Anastasia, denying that she is the daughter of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II, and calls her “a half-crazed adventurer in the hands of dishonest or stupid people.”

Jewellery and watches – June 30, beginning at 15:00

Lot 835: Imperial Presentation Ring with monogram of Russian Tsar Alexander I. Blue enamel on silver set with diamonds and surrounded with eight, old cut, rose-cut diamonds. Eight diamonds, Circa 7cts.

Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, Buccellati, Boivin, Andre Schepps are just a few of the world’s leading brands that are included in the catalogue of the Hermitage Fine Art auction at the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo.

Hermitage Fine Art dedicates its first catalog of jewellery and watches to the great master, watchmaker and jeweller, Louis Cartier (1875-1942), the centenary of his legendary model of the Tank watch. Cartier’s inventions defined the whole era, becoming a symbol of design and exquisite craftsmanship. At the auction on June 30, we will be present a wide variety of items from Cartier and more.

The jewellery catalogue includes more than 100 lots, among which are:

  • Rare ring with the monogram of Emperor Alexander I and diamonds worth 7 carats;
  • Ring from Cartier, model Lobi, from white gold, strewn with diamonds and sapphires;
  • Gold ring of the 1940s from Mario Buccellati, with a sapphire of 9.4 carats from Sri Lanka, inlaid with 4 carat diamonds;
  • A precious necklace of the 1900s from the jewellery house René Boivin – a flexible woven golden ribbon, with a string of pearls and 18 turquoise stones, decorated with diamonds.

The special attention of collectors will be attracted by the products of the high watchmaking art, where complex mechanisms merge in the dance of time with precious metals and stones:

  • The Cartier gold watch, the legendary Tank model, built in 1925, designed more than 100 years ago by Louis Cartier himself;
  • A watch magically hidden in a gold bracelet with diamonds from Van Cleef & Arpels;
  • Luxury watches from Jacob & Co with body, studded with diamonds and sapphires;
  • Watch as a sculpture from De Bethune, model DB25 Quetzalcoatl, with a body of white gold. The sculptured golden snake serves not only as an ornament of the dial, its head and tail rotate, showing hours and minutes;
  • Bewitching “starry sky”, with an indicator of the phases of the moon, will be on the wrist of the one who will win lot DB25L Milky Way from the watch house De Bethune.

Exhibition and trade schedule:


Friday, June 29 – Russian art, beginning at 14:00

Saturday, June 30 – Manuscripts, photos and autographs of famous people of the world, beginning at 11:00

Saturday, June 30 – Jewellery and watches, beginning at 15:00


Thursday, June 28, 17:00 – 20:00

Friday, June 29, 10:00 – 13:00

Saturday, June 30, 09:00 – 11:00

Auction house Hermitage Fine Art

Hermitage Fine Art – auction house, founded in 2017 in Monaco, a characteristic feature of which is the representation of the most diverse sections and directions of Russian history and art. It was founded by a group of specialists from Europe and Russia, united by a love of Russian culture and history, as well as, the desire to preserve and popularise Russian cultural heritage abroad.

The auction house in Monaco examines and evaluates any works related to different areas of art: painting and graphics, decorative arts, watches, jewellery and silver goods, photographs, historical souvenirs of the imperial families, books, autographs and manuscripts, geographical maps and numismatics. With the cooperation of a wide range of specialists, Hermitage Fine Art organises expertise in Monaco, the Cote d’Azur, Paris, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other places in Europe.

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