Gypsies or Roma…. Who are those people? Where do they come from? Where are they going after centuries of being wandered the Earth? Their history is full of mystical moments. Why their music is so beautiful, dancing is magnificent just like when you are looking at the fire and the songs are soulful, so people who see it all can never forget them. This show narrates the stories of Russian Gypsies and their fellow brothers in Europe.

Roma youth are round the fire, An old man leans back, and talks, A wind makes the fire blaze, The old man`s eyes seem to close, Listen to me lads and girls, I’ll pass a story on to you.

The viewers will get glimpses into a fascinating story of the Gypsy people, presented by the beautiful Romany/Gypsy poetry, fiery Gypsy dancing and live singing. You will get closer to the history, culture and the lifestyle of the nation, who continues inspiring musicians, poets, writers and artists all over the world… Within the framework of the International theatrical festival “Women and War” organised by Sarah Berger.

Poetry by Valdemar Kalinin, Adaptation and choreography by Saeeda Kasym Choreography – Saeeda Kasym Costume design – Saeeda Kasym Performers – Saeeda Kasym, Lamia Casey Scott-Songin, Francesco Bucchi, Mikiyo Joyce, Yury Khreptovich, and Ilya Stellaroff.