M.ART presents the London premiere of a musical performance by Oleg Nesterov and the band Megapolis.

From the Lives of Planets is a creative exploration of an enigmatic period of the Russian history, when everything seemed full of promise. Known as the “Thaw,” the period from the mid-1950s to early 1960s was a time of relaxed repression and censorship in the culture and life of Russia, a sudden breath of freedom. A new cinema was born — a Soviet “New Wave” — with one breakthrough followed by another and a number of films gaining prizes and international recognition at the Cannes and Venice film festivals.

But suddenly, freedom turned to repression and the golden age of the Russian cinema was over. At Mosfilm studio alone, 12 film projects were closed in autumn 1963, and by the end of 1968, after the Soviet suppression of the Prague Spring, the new cinema had become a sprawling graveyard of films that were never made. The performance is a musical tribute to those unfilmed motion pictures and the era at large.

The performance employs both live music and multimedia visuals, which draw upon unique archival documents, together with photographs and filmic fragments. Each of films represents a constellation of meanings. Each reflects the essence of Soviet cinema and contains a multitude of personal dramas. Had these films been realised, they could have altered the landscape of Russian culture.

Ahead of the musical performance ‘From the Lives of Planets’, Oleg Nesterov, composer and author of the project, will share the story of its creation and talk of the historical absence that ‘From the Lives of Planets’ means to fill. Follow the link for more information.