This is how we begin our journey of life. We travel towards the new knowledge in order to bring the light of clarity to life. The same order is used in painting. I unroll the black silky smooth sheet of paper, dilute my paint (so it will not be too harsh), and start this journey to the light. Layer by layer I create a veil of paint, gently touching the most important parts of the painting. Then I move to the sides, revealing more and more of the shape I have in mind. 

During the time of exploration, I find it unbearable to listen to music that has too much to offer. The whole process of creation to me should happen in silence or accompanied by spiritual music. Whatever confession this music belongs to is unimportant. The state of calmness and the invitation to your inner-self are the qualities I am more interested in.

As I was painting these hands, I was searching for a pose, which would illustrate one of the slogans we’re constantly repeating: Wash your hands! How should I paint it? What is the dynamic of those words? Is it mindful? Careful? Suggestive? Or is it frightening? 

Little do we think how representative the shape of someone’s hand could be. Mimes, illusionists, priest, puppeteers use their hands as the tool to express their deep brainstorm process. The hand gives a blessing, it is expressive. According to Aristotle, the hand is the “tool of tools.” It is strength, power, and protection. 

Those are the hands I painted to use as an element for building the pattern for my agit-textile, which I started talking about at the beginning of this residence. Whilst painting them I went through my own path from the darkness to the enlightenment. I wonder now, what emotions do they suggest to you?

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