Russian Art and Culture is a new website and blogfocused on Russian art and culture in the UK. The site was created in responseto the successful ‘Cultural Exchange: Russia and the West’ conference at theUniversity of Bristol last year. The aim is to create an ongoing forumfor discussion of Russian art and culture.

We publish articles, interviews with curators and reviewsof recent exhibitions and publications. The website allows academics, curators,researchers and interested members of the public the opportunity to read aboutthe latest developments in Russian art, theory and criticism. It is also a hub forinformation on interesting related events such as exhibitions and lectures.
Russian Art and Culture is looking for contributorsto the site to write articles relevant to Russian art and culture. Please joinother leading cultural experts and commentators and write a post.Reviews should be 400-500 words long and articles up to 2000 words. If youwould also like to publish news of an event then please do get in touch. Thewebsite also publishes notices of call for papers, academic conferences, studydays, exhibitions and sales.
The website currently has 4,000 hits a month andreaders in 12 countries including the UK, Germany, USA and Russia. If you areinterested in contributing an article and sharing your recent research with ourreaders then please get in touch.
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