The Experimental Art of Russian Children’s Books project, as part of the Read Russia 2012 books exhibition, is unique both with respect to its content and execution. For the first time, visitors will be able to see:

  • the originals of books of the future brought from Moscow
  • historic children’s illustrated books from the famous private New York collection
  • upscale version of Vladimir Lebedev’s 1925 alphabet book
  • experimental letters, books and graphic constructions of the famous EDAS studio, which have long been recognized to be unique; not just because of their art quality, but also because of the age of their creators–from 3 to 16 years old.

Design studio Samolet will demonstrate its most extensive research project: “Illustrated Children’s Books in the History of Russia: 1881-1939,” 2 volumes containing 1,800 illustrations. The unique author index of over 190 names includes brief biographical information and a glossary which represents years of research work. The exhibition will debut the English language edition of this award-winning publication. The exhibition will also present new online collections–“Rare Children’s Books” and newspaper “Pionerskaia Pravda” (1925-1929). These collections (to which access was limited in the past) include works of famous authors and illustrators. The goal of this exhibition is to demonstrate the continuity of the experimental experience of the past in the present Russian children’s illustrated books. This interconnection presents a new view at the ideological influence of early avant-garde and constructivism in the book production for children’s development and propaganda of the book culture. The exhibition is sponsored by the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication and the Yeltsin Foundation. Brickplane 2012 Free admittance. Please send questions about the exhibition and catalog requests to