Friday 9 March 2012 at the University of Leeds: The University of Leeds presents a one-day workshop on the theme of “Russia(n) in the Global Context”. This event is intended to explore approaches and methodologies for repositioning Russia and Russian Studies in the age of globalisation. We are particularly interested in but not limited to such questions as: To what extent is it appropriate to move beyond hitherto existing paradigms of examining Russia such as Russia vs the West? Is the concept of Russia in transition from the Communist era still applicable? What new forms of research engagement can we utilise to study Russia(n) in the global context?  The workshop will comprise morning panels and an afternoon round table, followed by the launch of the Leeds Russian Centre and a wine reception. The morning panels will bring together experts in Russian Studies that will debate the future of the field from the perspective of different academic disciplines. The afternoon round table will focus on the Russian presidential elections and offer reflections on the impact of the election on the global economy, politics, media and culture.  Further information and programme will be posted on our website by 15 February 2012. Confirmed speakers include: Birgit Beumers (U Bristol), Stephen Coleman (U Leeds), Nancy Condee (U Pittsburgh), Christopher Dent (U Leeds), Julian Cooper (U Birmingham), Simon Dixon (UCL), Marina Frolova-Walker (U Cambridge), Luke Harding (The Guardian), Stephen Hutchings (U Manchester), Lara Ryazanova-Clark (U Edinburgh), Vera Tolz (U Manchester), Sarah Wilson (Courtauld Institute). The event is free to attend but places for the morning panels are limited and strictly on a first-come first-served basis. Please notify us of your intention to attend by Friday 17 February.  Contact Sarah Hudspith 0113 3433290. —————————————————————————- — Dr Sarah Hudspith Director of Russian School of Modern Languages and Cultures University of Leeds Leeds LS2 9JT UK 0113 3433290